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This website is all about my science fiction, but just in case you are curious, here are some of the non-fiction book projects that I have been working on...

A Little Guidebook

for Pragmatic Change

Balancing a pragmatic approach to change with a holistic understanding of human psychology, this little guidebook tackles positive thinking, smart goal-setting, accountability, practical neuroplasticity (brain change), emotional intelligence, relationships, communication, self-sabotage, creativity, inner-work, and much more.


Human beings have a remarkable ability to change, and much of that change can be accomplished in small, manageable steps.  This guidebook provides a psychologically savvy down-to-earth manual for making change of all kinds, from the personal to the professional. A grounded alternative to a self-help industry filled with flashy, inflated claims, this book will help you get down to work making the most out of the unique life you have been given.

Imagination in the Western Psyche

From Ancient Greece to Modern Neuroscience

A deep dive into the human imagination, spanning the earliest philosophical discourse of the idea in Western civilization and following it all the way through the most recent models from modern neurobiology.  This rigorously researched book argues that, far from being unreal, imagination lies at the heart of the human condition.

Coming late 2018

Non-Fiction no.1
Non-Fiction no.2
Non-Fiction no.3

Non-Fiction Books

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