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Midwest Book Review:

"A thoroughly engrossing, unpredictable first contact story about a young female warrior facing grief, courage, endings and new beginnings.  .... Relics of Andromeda's powerful action is well worth the read and lingers in the mind long after its final, vivid conclusion."

"A sci-fi adventure that looks in to what it means to share a connection with another... I like that there is personal growth, and a spiritual side to it all. The adventure, fantastical technologies, and other worldliness adds to the flavor. Give it a read!" - Frank Brislawn

"I'm not a Science Fiction reader (or haven't been to date), but I found myself engaged, moved, and uplifted. It is written with intellingent suspense, and sensitivity towards individuals and a high reverence for our complexities as beings.... definitely opened my mind."

- Jenny Buchannan

Book Review Directory:

"With imagination at its core, Relics of Andromeda is an adventure tale with all the excitement readers crave from their science-fiction favorites. Erickson’s whimsical creatures and tech-filled worlds are as enchanting as the mysterious relics they harbor." 

"Even in the more expository moments, the world-building was so rich and vibrant that I felt entirely absorbed. Then, without any indication we’re thrust into another thrilling passage.  I also loved the relationships and how they developed over time."  - Jake Hull

"Here each new revelation builds on the last and you never feel the world-building has overshadowed the storytelling. This novel explores all manner of things outside our every-day experience, but we experience it through characters that I quickly grew to love, making even the wildest sci-fi fantasies seem completely accessible. Get ready for an incredible ride."

- Greg Emetaz

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